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by Fine Doll Artist Chloe Georgina

Ba Hons Character Creation & Technical Effects

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Full Body Silicone Dolls

The ultimate in won't want to put your new Baby down!


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Full body silicone dolls are the must have for any collector.

Their full body means no cloth to cover up, so outfit choices are limitless. The top quality platinum silicone means your baby can be super soft, squiggy and oh so cuddly, unlike any reborn you've ever held.


Silicone has a beautiful translucency to it which makes the finished skin look more realistic than it's ever possible to achieve with a vinyl doll. It also moves and creases just like real skin. The soft silicone naturally creates a very realistic floppy Baby who needs supporting just like a real newborn, and a super soft tummy helps them melt into your arms.


Incorporating an open mouth with a tongue, gums and detailed palate is guaranteed to astound.

My babies are all available with a DRINK & WET system so can be bottle fed too.


Dream Catcher Creations is one of the only nurseries to be offering BREATHING silicone babies!

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As you can imagine, a tremendous amount of work and love goes into creating these special dolls.

I hope you enjoy.